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Safety and performance on the road depends on everything from good tyres to automotive repairs and servicing. At Caroline Springs Tyres and More, we are much more than just a tyre retailer - we are committed to providing the best total car care in Australia. And with our Female Friendly accreditation we're also committed to providing professional, friendly and helpful service in clean stores that make the whole family feel right at home

Automotive Services at Caroline Springs Tyres and More:

  • Safety examinations - wear and tear on a car is an expected outcome of driving, especially when we consider vehicle age, road conditions and traffic congestion - all very good reasons to have your vehicle checked from time to time.
  • Tyres quality check - tyres are a very important factor of driver safety and should be checked regularly.
  • Child restraint fitting - we understand child restraint rules can be confusing, why not let the professionals handle it?
  • Battery check and replacement - the battery is the heart of your vehicle and when it fails, so does your car. Somehow it likes to fail in a middle of nowhere, during heavy rain; the good news is regular check can prevent it.
  • Quality alloy wheels fitting - alloy wheels don't just make your car look better, they also provide performance and handling benefits.
  • Log book and mechanical servicing of all makes and models of cars
  • Car, 4x4 and commercial tyres sold, fitted, balanced and aligned
  • Puncture repairs
  • Suspensions servicing and repairs.
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